Labor Day 2014

Happy-Labor-DayThis weekend let Republicans know they aren’t helping this country at all, they’re the problem. An entire political party, the Republican party, has nothing to celebrate. They have done nothing to allow them to share in this weekend honoring hard working Americans who built this country and serve in the military.

Walmart...Really?In a cynical act of contempt Walmart wants to join in on the celebration by promoting American workers and suggesting shopping there will “Invest in American Jobs and US Made Products”. Who’s shittin’ who? Check out the Walmart ad here. Meanwhile they pay employees so little that they have to seek public assistance which, in turn, those who have jobs pay for.

Walmart: Made in USA, NOT!

Don’t be a punk all your life. End the republican bullshit. Support higher wages. Support collective bargaining. Check out the AFL-CIO here.

Labor Fact Sheet

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