A Labor Day Thank You to the Republican Party

Union OrganizersAs we enjoy this holiday dedicated to the men and women, mostly our grandparents, who sacrificed and worked through union organizations to build the lives we enjoy today, let’s also not forget the top 3 contributions made by the republican party:

  1. ______________________________
  2. ______________________________
  3. ______________________________

I guess they’re still working on it. They’ve got an invisible army of “secret job creators” just ready to create good middle class jobs. Who are these “job creators”? What are their names? What are they waiting for? Why not just hold a press conference and introduce them? Maybe because they don’t exist? Here are some additional questions:

  1. What jobs are they going to create? We’d like to know so that we can check our resum├ęs and update our skills if necessary.
  2. Where will these jobs be located? Let us know so that we can relocate if it’s worth it.
  3. How much will these jobs pay? We need to know so we can decide if it’s worth investing in new training or education.
  4. What will the benefits be? Of course there will be health insurance, paid vacations, paid education benefits, paid holidays…no?

Are the republican just full of shit? That would explain why they keep their mouths shut every Labor Day weekend and hide in shame. Maybe when they come out of hiding after Labor Day weekend they can answer those questions?


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