Trumpcare Theme Song

Trumpcare theme song.

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Vote For Trump-Pence

It’s come down this this folks…vote for Trump-Pence. And to learn why click this photo.


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Sick Of Their Bullshit

Enough of their welfare bullshit already! Let them live or die on their own talents or lack thereof. No more special favors!


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A Special Labor Day Thank You To Conservatives!

Business People In DenialSpecial thanks are in order for the conservative think tank Freedom Foundation for having the decency to work on Monday because they don’t support working Americans. This is in stark contrast to most conservatives who don’t have the balls to stand for their convictions. These people will take the day off and celebrate with their family while they’ve been working to steal wages from hard working American patriots.

Read more about it here on The Raw Story.

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Labor Day 2014

Happy-Labor-DayThis weekend let Republicans know they aren’t helping this country at all, they’re the problem. An entire political party, the Republican party, has nothing to celebrate. They have done nothing to allow them to share in this weekend honoring hard working Americans who built this country and serve in the military.

Walmart...Really?In a cynical act of contempt Walmart wants to join in on the celebration by promoting American workers and suggesting shopping there will “Invest in American Jobs and US Made Products”. Who’s shittin’ who? Check out the Walmart ad here. Meanwhile they pay employees so little that they have to seek public assistance which, in turn, those who have jobs pay for.

Walmart: Made in USA, NOT!

Don’t be a punk all your life. End the republican bullshit. Support higher wages. Support collective bargaining. Check out the AFL-CIO here.

Labor Fact Sheet

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A Labor Day Thank You to the Republican Party

Union OrganizersAs we enjoy this holiday dedicated to the men and women, mostly our grandparents, who sacrificed and worked through union organizations to build the lives we enjoy today, let’s also not forget the top 3 contributions made by the republican party:

  1. ______________________________
  2. ______________________________
  3. ______________________________

I guess they’re still working on it. They’ve got an invisible army of “secret job creators” just ready to create good middle class jobs. Who are these “job creators”? What are their names? What are they waiting for? Why not just hold a press conference and introduce them? Maybe because they don’t exist? Here are some additional questions:

  1. What jobs are they going to create? We’d like to know so that we can check our resumés and update our skills if necessary.
  2. Where will these jobs be located? Let us know so that we can relocate if it’s worth it.
  3. How much will these jobs pay? We need to know so we can decide if it’s worth investing in new training or education.
  4. What will the benefits be? Of course there will be health insurance, paid vacations, paid education benefits, paid holidays…no?

Are the republican just full of shit? That would explain why they keep their mouths shut every Labor Day weekend and hide in shame. Maybe when they come out of hiding after Labor Day weekend they can answer those questions?


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Celebrating Labor Day 2013

unionlaborLabor Day “is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country” according to the Department of Labor. Read more of the history of Labor Day here.

As we take time off on this last weekend of the summer we owe a debt of gratitude to organized labor for this time off. You wouldn’t have this day off otherwise. Business has never been the friend to American families. Though some may not support organized labor you won’t see them refusing any of the benefits these efforts have brought including summer vacations and the long Labor Day holiday weekend.

As a former president of the World Bank noted, “Strong unions have helped to reduce inequality, whereas weaker unions have made it easier for CEOs, sometimes working with market forces that they have helped shape, to increase it.” As the productivity of the American worker has increased over the past 30 years any thought of being rewarded has gone down. That benefit now comes in the form of executive salaries and bonuses. It’s time to reverse that 30 year effort lead by the Republican Party.

Whether you are in a union or not the standard of living in America was raised by working men and women. Remember who to thank for your weekend with your family and remember who would like to take it away from you. Vote.

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Weekend of Republican Shame 2013

Weekend of Republican Shame 2013 is less than two weeks away!!! AKA Labor Day mapleleafWeekend, it’s the only American holiday where the members of an entire political party have absolutely nothing to be proud of and we want to make sure they enjoy that distinction. The good thing is that for the entire weekend they must keep their mouths shut, or better yet, just get out of the country. Here’s a link to travel in Canada, if they’ll take you? Make your plans now, do us all a favor and get out! How ’bout it my Canadian friends…need any scabs?

Canadian Travel plans:

For those who may be interested we have negotiated a special deal with Holiday Inn Canada. These special rates include your accommodations and all services provided at a special “third world” level of expertise. And remember, they don’t always speak English in Canada. It’s not the native language. Learn theirs you moron.

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America’s “Fuck the Republican Party” Anthem

Let’s all sing together!dropkickmurphys

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The Beginnings of Republican Lying

The average American doesn’t want to be educated; he doesn’t want to improve his mind; he doesn’t even want to work, consciously, at being a good citizen.

“The Lie Factory” was published in the Sept. 24, 2012 of the New Yorker. The success of the Lie Factory has long depended on the truth in the above quote.

This article details what is considered to be the first ever company dedicated to campaign consulting called simply Campaigns, Inc. It was founded in 1933 by Leone Baxter and Clem Whitaker pictured below.

The Lie Factory

The Lie Factory

Their first victim was Upton Sinclair who was running for governor of California in 1934. Every day on page one of the Los Angeles Times they posted  what appeared to be a Sinclair quote. Rather, it was a quote from one of his fiction novels and taken out of context. Quoting directly from the article:

“Upton was beaten,” Whitaker later said, “because he had written books.” And, so, those boxes in the L.A. Times:

The sanctity of marriage. . . . I have had such a belief . . . I have it no longer.

The excerpt, as Sinclair explained in “How I Got Licked,” was taken from a passage in his 1911 novel, “Love’s Pilgrimage,” in which one character writes a heartbroken letter to a man having an affair with his wife. Continue reading

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