Happy New Year from Fat Rats Ass!

Predictions for 2012

Predictions for 2012

We over here at Fat Rats Ass want to wish all our friends a Happy New Year!! Here at Fat Rats Ass we have gotten busy compiling all the statistics, facts, and figures in preparation for awarding our annual honor of the Most Miserable State in America.

This prestigious award is based on five measures of the social condition as ranked by nationally known organizations: education, health, wages, unemployment, and bankruptcy. Each of the states are ranked from worst to first and then color coded red or blue based on how that state voted in the last presidential election. You don’t want to be at the top of this list. Most of all you don’t want to congressional delegation from the top 10 states influencing politics and bringing their talent for leadership to your state.

Last years results for the Most Miserable State in America can be found here. It’s going to be very hard to unseat Mississippi as the Most Miserable State in America but if anyone has a chance it’s going to be those states lead by the likes of Kentucky’s Mitch McConnell (#5 in 2010) or Indiana’s John Boehner (#8 in 2010). They are working very hard to bring a lower standard of living not only to their state but all Amercia as well.

This year we hope to add crime figures into the rankings. Crime statistics are available from the FBI. We are trying to devise a single metric or measure that includes the following types of crime and put that into a single number: murder, forcible rape, robbery, and aggravated assault. By doing this we may give a break to those states who have not ranked well. Doesn’t it make sense that those states that have a death penalty, whose citizenry have a high percentage of gun registrations, and shoot their mouth off the most about law and order would have the lowest crime rates? That makes sense doesn’t it? Doesn’t it? Let’s see if FBI statistics bears that out.

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