Weekend of Republican Shame 2013

Weekend of Republican Shame 2013 is less than two weeks away!!! AKA Labor Day mapleleafWeekend, it’s the only American holiday where the members of an entire political party have absolutely nothing to be proud of and we want to make sure they enjoy that distinction. The good thing is that for the entire weekend they must keep their mouths shut, or better yet, just get out of the country. Here’s a link to travel in Canada, if they’ll take you? Make your plans now, do us all a favor and get out! How ’bout it my Canadian friends…need any scabs?

Canadian Travel plans: http://us-keepexploring.canada.travel/

For those who may be interested we have negotiated a special deal with Holiday Inn Canada. These special rates include your accommodations and all services provided at a special “third world” level of expertise. And remember, they don’t always speak English in Canada. It’s not the native language. Learn theirs you moron.

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