Who’s Shittin’ Who?

JohnnyWhat’s this shit all about? It’s like this. Check it out. It’s the first Saturday of July. It’s late afternoon and you’re sitting in a bar with friends. You just came from the ballpark where you watched your team lose…again. It’s not even the All Star break and it looks like your team is done already. You’ve had a few beers and you’re trying to engage in intelligent conversation while shouting and summoning all your years as a fan, your knowledge of stats, and every one-liner you’ve ever heard or can think of. No full paragraphs in this discussion.

Welcome to modern day America. We’re just about done by the looks of things. It ain’t nothing like the America our parents and grandparents worked hard to pass on to us. I hope you find here some useful information to motivate you to get back what you lost. Of course, in order to know anything about what you lost you gotta remember some recent history and for all I know you just might be another American moron drunk on consumption. That’s the problem. So to make it easy for the morons there’s a lot of pictures here. My guess is that you sat in algebra said, “I’ll never use this again.” Ohhh! How right you are! Now we’re listening to leaders who can tell us most anything and we’ll believe them because they’re talking to morons. You moron!

We’ve had things very good in this country and now we’re spoiled brats. Just listen to us whine about unemployment and the economy as if there were an on/off switch someone could throw to make us happy. We’ve been keeping ourselves amused with distractions for so long we forgot how to do our part as US citizens. Things are going to have to change before it gets better. We’re gonna have to do some work and we’re gonna start by finding out who’s shittin’ who?

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