Most Miserable State 2010

The final tally is in and it’s true. The republicans are deeper in denial than a drunken southern baptist in a brown bag drinking club on a work night. There’s no other way to describe their political leadership. It’s a truly pathetic performance in the 2010 Most Miserable State in America Bowl. They want Americans to follow them? Where? To a quality of life worse than that of Equador?

There are 5 rankings in the Most Miserable State in America Bowl. Unemployment, income, bankruptcy, health, and education. In each of these categories the states are ranked worst to first. They are assigned points based on where they stand in that categories. The points are totaled to determined the final ranking.

The final results for 2010 are unbelievable. “You are what your record says your are.”, according to legendary football coach Bill Parcels. If that’s the case and you’re a republican then you suck. Just face the fact, you suck, period. You can’t possibly have any talent that might make a positive contribution to life in America.

Politically red states have a lock on delivering the worst quality of life for their people. Michigan, at number 13,  is there only due to the recession as they ranked high in unemployment and bankruptcy. At numbers 8 and 9, Indiana and Ohio respectively, gone red since 2008. If an election were held today the top 25 would probably be red.

Mississippi has the distinct honor as the worst state in America in which to live in 2010! Mississippi doesn’t make a lot of political noise, well, nothing compared to 5th ranked Kentucky and Sen. Mitch McConnell. Ranked at #8 is Speaker of the House John Boehner’s home state of Indiana. With luck and hard work these men will bring to all America the same level of misery and low quality of life they’ve created for their states.

Here they are, the final standings of the Worst States in America Bowl 2010.

Worst State in America

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