Welcome to Shitterowski’s Place. This is where the shit hits the fan. Here’s a little bit about me.

  • Name: Johnny
  • Age: 34
  • Location: Rozzy (a neighborhood in Boston, MA)
  • Occupation: None. I’m not good at jobs.
  • Favorite Hero: Barack Obama
  • Favorite Anti-Hero: Anyone who says NO! to the tough challenges of times we live in.

4 Responses to About

  1. Rene says:


    You da man! It’s a great feeling to come to a place where I can speak my mind.

    I gotta give the President credit for accepting “half a loaf” with these tax breaks. So the rich will stay richer for a little while longer, but the rest of us won’t be paying their share of the tax burden either. But this fight ain’t over. I gotta believe the President is gonna keep pounding at these deficits, making people understand how the country is gonna go down the tubes without real sacrifice from everyone.

    Never before have we had a President who was forced to act as a teacher to the country with a bunch of political opportunists and Special Interest groups sitting in the back of the class calling him names. And this President is still cleaning up the mess left to him by The Shrub (that’s a small Bush).

    I have a suggestion: Try George W. Bush and Dick Cheney for treason for lying to the Congress about Iraq. The first prosecution witness can be Colin Powell. We’ll grant him immunity and he can unravel the whole inside story for the American People. If those lyin’ scumbags hadn’t been so busy making up stories, they could have seen this financial mess coming. Not that they woulda done anything about it… Then let the World Court try them as War Criminals. No American citizen with a conscience should rest until those two assholes get the same sentences other mass murderers get.

    Thanks again Johnny for letting me vent my spleen. It ain’t easy being an American these days, is it?

  2. Phil N. Phlash says:


    You look real familiar. You from Somerville? Maybe we worked on a job together.

    I like your site. You’re talking the straight shit to the dumb asses who vote against what’s best for the country.

    OK, I gotta go to work. There are 600 photos ready for color correction.

    See ya.

  3. Johnny – Shut up, you son of a bitch. None of us is good at jobs. That’s why the Mexicanos are coming across the border with their low riders, keeping our check cashing stores and pawn shops in business. You can hire a whole passel of them for pennies on the dollar and all they are thinking is, “At least I’m not dipping honey in Juarez whorehouses no more!” America is fucked. We don’t make anything and are all too fat and tired and sick to tend our own property. We are fucked and turning into a third world nation. Check it out – I shit you not.

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